Directions/Map to the Office:

Dr. Gorski's office is located in the Professional Office Building adjacent to the west side of Arlington Memorial Hospital situated at Randol Mill and Cooper Streets in north central Arlington as shown by the red "+" in the map below:

Here is a detail (it's a schematic, not shown to scale!):

From Interstate 30, take the Cooper Street exit and proceed south to Randol Mill Road. Take a right on Randol Mill Road, from where you will see the hospital on your left. Turn left either at the Emergency Room or, better, on Waldrop Drive at the end of the block. The Vandergriff Professional Office Building is the tall building with all the black glass on the upper floors.

FREE PARKING (with validation of your ticket at our office) is in the lower levels of this building. Please note that these floors are designated P1, P2, P3 and P4. The ground level is P2. Dr. Gorski's office is on the top floor, which is the 8th Floor, Suite 815. There are a pair of elevators in each of two lobbies that you can reach from any level of the parking area. One is the "East Lobby" and the other is the "North Lobby." You can take either of these to the top floor, but the East Lobby elevators will take you closer to Dr. Gorski's office.


Here is what the building looks like: from the Arlington Memorial Hospital Emergency Room entrance on the left and from Waldrop Drive on the right.